The Company has been founded in December 2010 by Mr. Kirit Patel (CMD), Mr. Ramakant Patel (Director), Mr. Karshanbhai Patel (Director) & Mr. Kanubhai B. Patel (Director) The company is having its corporate office in Ahmedabad and our manufacturing unit is strategically located in terms of access to key raw materials. Our existing manufacturing facility is located in Halvad, Morbi which is approx 200 Kms away from Mundra Port and facilitates ease of import / export.

The Company is having annual installed capacity of 96000 MT. and currently work of installation of new machine to expand the capacity is going on.

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By staying focused on quality, creativity, and new development, the group envisions establish itself as the No.1 paper exporting company of India with best quality products that can be used in multiple industries.

As part of a way to fulfill our vision, we are focusing on the development of new products by setting up a new line of product by 2020.



Group’s mission statement emphasizes on our

  • Core Values
  • Practice
  • People
  • Concern

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We at Astron Paper are focusing on achieving Four P


To consistently develop the new product as required by the customer by giving them the best quality. To maintain the quality of our finished goods we are using 100% imported waste paper. We have focused on our Raw Material Procurement so as to procure good quality of material on a consistent basis without any interruption. We have visited certain Waste Paper Supplying plants in USA and Europe, which will fulfill our raw material requirement.


We at Astron Paper are putting our efforts so that we can provide the best quality of material at a competitive price. We have also bought innovation in our manufacturing process to minimize the conversion cost and be cost effective. We have engaged the best personnel in our manufacturing process who are having vast experience in the field. Our CMD Mr. Kirit Patel has direct involvement in day to day operation so as to keep the check on quality and conversion cost.


With a wide range of products and competitive pricing, we had secured our presence at pan India through a dealer or on a direct basis. Our material is supplied to all over India from North to South and East to West. We also aim to be a global player and now focused on increasing our customer base to the Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Some of the African Countries and South East Asia. We are sure to achieve the target as our product is having world class quality with very competitive pricing.

Promotion of Business

We are committed to promoting our business globally by developing new product line so as to meet exciting and future demand. As a part of a long-term vision of the year 2020, the company is planning to add a new product at its manufacturing viz. Fluting Medium [Chemical Fluting Media ranging from 80 GSM to 180 GSM] with a target of daily production capacity of 300 MT in addition to existing production of Kraft Liner Papers ranging from 150 GSM to 350 GSM with a daily production capacity of 250 MT.

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