Familiarisation Programme Astron Paper & Board Mill

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Material Related Party Transaction Policy Download
Familiarisation Programme Download
Familiarisation Policy of ID Download
Newspaper advertisement Download
Board Diversity Policy Download
Familiarisation Programme Download
Code-for-Independent-Directors Download
CSR Policy Download
Nomination and Remuneration Policy Download
Material Subsidiary policy Download
Policy on Materiality of Events Download
Policy on Preservation of Documents Download
Web Archival Policy Download
Whistle Blower Policy Download
Code and conduct for Prevention of Insider Trading Download
Regulation 23(9) of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015 (Related Party Transanctions) 2021-22 Download
Material Related Party Transaction Policy Download
Criteria of Making Payment to NED Download
Code of Conduct Download
Dividend Distribution Policy Download

Registrar and Transfer Agent information for Astron Paper & Board Mill Limited

Regd. Office Address: M/s. Link Intime (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Unit : Astron Paper & Board Mill Ltd,
C-101, 247 Park, L. B. S. Marg, Vikhroli,
West, Mumbai – 400 083.
Telephone: +91-22-49186200
Fax: +91-22-49186195

Investor’s Contact Person Details

Contact Person: Ms. Hina Patel
Designation:  Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Telephone: +91-79 40081221
Fax No: +91-79 40081220

Link Intime India Pvt. Ltd (Ahmedabad Branch)

Office Address: 5th Floor, 506 TO 508
Amarnath Business Centre – 1 ( ABC-1),
Beside Gala Business Centre
Nr. St. Xavier’s College Corner, Off C G Road, Ellisbridge,
Ahmedabad - 380006
Phone: +91-79 26465179

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Annual Result

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Form MGT-7 for FY 2022-23 Draft Download
Form MGT-7 for FY 2021-22 Draft Download
Form MGT-7 for FY 2020-21 Draft Download
Wholly Owned Subsidiary
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Balaram Papers Pvt Ltd 31-03-2023 Download
Balaram Papers Pvt Ltd 31-03-2022 Download
Balaram Papers Pvt Ltd 31-03-2021 Download
Balaram Papers Pvt Ltd 31-03-2020 Download

Quarterly Result

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Shareholding Pattern Dec 2023 Download
Shareholding Pattern Sep 2023 Download
Shareholding Pattern Jun 2023 Download
Shareholding Pattern Mar 2023 Download
Shareholding Pattern Dec 2022 Download
Shareholding Pattern Sep 2022 Download
Shareholding Pattern Jun 2022 Download
Shareholding Pattern Mar 2022 Download
Shareholding Pattern Dec 2021 Download
Shareholding Pattern Sep 2021 Download
Shareholding Pattern June 2021 Download
Shareholding Pattern March 2021 Download
Shareholding Pattern Dec 2020 Download
Shareholding Pattern Dec 2017 Download
Shareholding Pattern March 2018 Download
Shareholding Pattern June 2018 Download
Shareholding Pattern Sep 2018 Download
Shareholding Pattern Dec 2018 Download
Shareholding Pattern March 2019 Download
Shareholding Pattern June 2019 Download
Shareholding Pattern SEP 2019 Download
Shareholding Pattern Dec 2019 Download
Shareholding Pattern March 2020 Download
Shareholding Pattern June 2020 Download
Shareholding Pattern Sep 2020 Download

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Corporate Identification Number L21090GJ2010PLC063428
Memorandum & Article of Association Download
Terms & Conditions of appointment of Independent Director Download   Download
Composition of Committee Download  
Board Meeting Intimation 2023-2024






Corporate Governance Download Download Download Download Download Download
E-Voting & Scrutinizer’s Report Download Download Download Download Download Download
Regulation 23(9) of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015 (Related Party Transanctions) 2023-2024


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Postal Ballot
Postal Ballot Results and Scrutinizer Report

Postal Ballot Notice Dated 14th July, 2022

Draft Appointment Letter Dhyanam Vyas

Draft Appointment Letter Sudhir Maheshwari

Secretarial Compliance Report
Secretarial Compliance Report 2023

Secretarial Compliance Report 2022

Secretarial Compliance Report 2021

Secretarial Compliance Report 2020

Secretarial Compliance Report 2019

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Year 2021-22 Download
CSR Activities and Board Approval Download

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1. Request Letter for Re-classification AGL Download
2. Intimation of AGL Request Letter to BSE NSE Download
3. BM Abstract Download
4. Postal Ballot Notice Download
5. Undertaking AGL Download
6. Postal Ballot Result and Scrutinizer Report Download
7. Approval from Stock Exchange for Reclassification Download

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AGM Meeting
09th AGM Meeting Update

08th AGM Minutes 22-09-2018

Appointments & Re Appointments
Appointment & Re Appointment of IDs

Appointment of Anand Maheshwari

Re appointment of Chaitali Parikh 11-02-2020

Re Appointment KGP as MD

Arrest of Representative of
Asian_Corporate Promoter 31-12-2018
Award of Order 04-07-2018 Download
Change in Directors 03-08-2019 Download
Code of Conduct 13-09-2019 Download
Schedule of Conference Call
Conference Call 07-05-2018

Schedule of Con Call 06-08-2018

Corporate Guarantee 08-01-2019 Download
Credit Rating
Credit Rating 01-03-2023

Credit Rating 14-07-2020

Credit Rating 07-01-2019

Credit Rating 28-06-2018

Environment CLearance for Power Plant Download
Disclosure under Reg, 30. Of SEBI
Approval of waiver of Penalty

Appointment of CFO

Authority to determine materiality of event

Resignation of CFO Amit Mundra

Disclosure under 30(5) of LODR

Resignation of CS Uttam Patel

Intimation of Investor Meet 07-01-2019

Investor Meet 06-03-2018

Investor Meet 07-01-2019

Investor Meet 19-08-2018

Investor Presentation 11-01-2019

Intimation of Job Work to Balaram 07-06-2018

MoU with Balaram Papers 23-04-2018

Shut Down of Balaram 28-01-2019

Newspaper Advtertisement
Newspaper Advt 07-09-2023

Newspaper Advt 05-09-2023

Newspaper Advt 07-09-2022

Newspaper Advt 27-08-2022

Newspaper Advt 07-09-2020

Press Note
Press Note Q3 2022-23

Press Note 16-11-2022

Press Note 07-12-2020

Press Note 10-10-2019

Press Note 15-10-2018

Press Note Q2 2018-19

Press Note Q2 2019-20

Press Note Q3 2018-19

Press Note Q3 2019-20

Press Note Q3 2020-21

Press Note Q3 2021-22

Press Note Q4 2018-19

Press Note Q4 2020-21

Chaitali Parikh Resignation Intimation to BSE NSE

Resignation Intimation Yogesh Patel

Resignation Letter Kanubhai Patel

Resignation of CFO Parth Patel

Resignation of Sanjiv Srivastava

Resignation of Shyam Agrawal

Regulation 32 Statement of Deviation and Variation.
December 2017

March 2018

June 2018

September 2018

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Financial results 2023-2024

Annual general Meeting 2023-2024
Postal Ballot Notice

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Prevention Of Sexual Harassment Download
Guidelines On Prevention Of Child Labour Download
Guidelines On Prevention Of Discrimination Download
Guidelines On Prevention Of Forced Labourcompulsory Labour Download
Guidelines On Freedom Of Association & Collective Bargaining Download
Guidelines On Working Hours Download
Policy On Minimum Wages Download